Sunday, March 25, 2012

Autumn Leaves

This is my attempt at making Autumn Leaves. They are made from real autumn leaves which have been "crushed". They look alright, but not as nice as some other Autumn leaves I have seen on the internet. Mine don't look like leaves, as much as it looks like ground cover in general, and the main reason is the shape. If I had crushed these leaves more, then they would make great "scatter" material. - Maybe that can be my next project.

My Autumn Leaves

My Autumn Leaves

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My new mini Tripod

I have been trying to take better photos of my minis, and an article I read recently about taking photos of miniatures, suggest a good quality tripod. This keeps your camera very steady, which is always a good thing. While I was in an office supply store a few days ago, I came across a mini tripod, which looked a lot better than my original mini tripod. It was on sale for AUD$16 and so I bought it. I havn't tried it out yet, but I thought I would show you a comparison of my my "before" and "after" tripods.

My Original Mini Tripod

New New Mini Tripod