Saturday, September 24, 2011

Werid WW1 - German Pedal Power

I have finally decided to follow my desire to join the world of "Alternate History Wargaming", and after much deliberating I choose the Weird World War One (WWW1) theme/genre concentrating towards the later part of the war and beyond (a little bit into the area of pulp gaming).

Pedal Power with a Big Punch

Pedal Power with a Big Punch

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Empire Ogre - Pirate - Finished

Here is my Empire Ogre. I painted him for the September Painting Challenge over at 'Chaos Dwarfs Online'. The theme was "A face only a mother could love".

Find the ugliest model you have, whether it is actually an unly beast/creature, or whether it simply badly sculpt, cast, broken, or simply just unloved. Paint it up and make it "feel loved" again.

Here is my ugly face. Don't be fooled by his outfit, he truely is ugly - honest.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Empire Ogre - Pirate - Nearly Finished

Here is the latest from my painting table. Actually it is still sitting on my painting table, ready to be based. For a long time, I wanted to paint something pink. Something that shouldn't be pink, anc I considered doing a pink Space Marine or an Ork wearing pink, but I finally decided on this mini. I am not sure if this says something about me, or not, but I like him.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspiration - New & Old - 1

About a week ago, I came across some images from the 80s, which brought back some very fond memories. They reminded me, why I first got into this hobby (the hobby of collecting and painting "toy soldiers") so many years ago. I remember being fascinated by images of fantasy based creatures, whimsical creations and architecture as well as the mighty knights and warriors, all that really good stuff that makes up a wonderful and imaginative world, where almost anything can happen.

I was so inspired by these images (back in the 80s) that I wanted to re-create this rich and wonderful world with little lead men, pieces of cardboard, piant, glue, rocks, sand and sawdust. So my journey into collecting wargaming miniatures began.

So I am going to start a series of posts within my blog of various images, photos, articles, advertisements and magazine articles of things that inspired me, in my early years and things that still inspire me now.

I am going to start by showing this image. It is the box art to the firt version of the Talisman board game. I never owned this game, but the box art was certainly very inspirational. I would love to get a large poster of this image.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Khador Warjack

This is my first ever Warmachine mini, and am very proud of it. I purchased this from a local gamer, and even though it was painted. I repainted it, using my style. this mini, had the right "shape" and "angles" to allow me to try out a weathering/worn technique, which I have not used until now. I don't mind the final outcome, but I know it can be improved a LOT.