Monday, October 24, 2011

My work area - this is where all the painting happens

Here is a photo of my painting area. The main shelf which holds all my paints is a CD stand, which is on its side, and I removed all the plastic CD shelves. It was purchased for $5 from an Opp-Shop.

Here you can see my nice industrial lamp. It is a heavy thing, but I absolutely love it. It has a "daylight" fluro tube in it, and produces lots of light. I aquired it from my work, when they were having an office clean-out. It is amasing what people will discard.

I like to keep my paints on their sides, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I can see exactly what colour is inside the bottle, and secondly I feel that the paint is easier to shake back together after it seperates.

Some cheap plastic drawers that I use to hold various bits-and-pieces, like dental picks, sand paper, pens, bottle caps etc.

This is the "holding area" for unfinished minis. I really need to get back to some of those minis, they have been there for too long.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where I take my photographs

Here is the setup I use to take my photos. For those of you who are interested. Since taking this photo, I have two white lamps, which are now the same size and I have put the black lamp into retirement.

The minis are place ready to phtograph.

You can see that the minis are elevated on top of a box. This helps with taking photos at various angles, especially down low.

This is what the photo looks like. This will now be opened in Photoshop and cropped and trimed ready for uploading onto the internet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bull Taurus Re-paint

Here is a picture of my Bull Taurus, which I painted for the October Painting Challange over at 'Chaos Dwarfs Online'. The theme was "Beast", so here is my Beast.

This is what the Bull Taurus looked like before the re-paint. I was trying to achieve a more "human" skin-tone, but it just looked washed out to me, and so I was happy to repaint it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Baeliog Tractor using Sketchup

I have wanted to use Google's Sketchup (free 3D modelling program) to assist me in planning out models and terrain pieces. About 4 days ago I finally started using it. Does anyone here use it to plan out their custom models or terrain? If so, can you please share your experience. I am after tips and hints. AND I would like to know if you actually build things in your scale of choice (ie 15mm, 28mm, 1/56 etc) or whether you model them at a larger size (maybe 1:1) and then scale things down later.

Anyway here is what I managed to build. I did it more as a learning project. I am still working on it.

Zombiesmith's - Baeliog Tractor for the Quar

Note: The Baeliog was modelled on photos taken from the internet, and it is done to 28mm.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration - New & Old - 2

Here is another illustration from the 80s which was very inspirational to me and my hobby. It is a great piece of artwork by the great John Blanche. The more I look at this piece of artwork the more I like it.