Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quar Posters

It has been a while since I have posted something here. That is because I now have even less free time than I have ever had, as I have returned to school, to study my life long passion of Art & Design, in this case Graphic Design. I am really enjoying it, and my spare time is now spent reading and doing homework for this course. It is now the mid-semester break, and so I have taken the oportunity to combine my grpahic design skills (I have gained some), with my love for wargaming and modelling. I have started creating some 28mm posters for the Quar world. The following question was asked by 'magog001' over that Quar forums;
the turn of the century was the advertiseing heyday for household goods what sort of adverts would be on qaur billboards for example = "thrips patented moth suace!, all the mothy taste non of the mothy waste!" or "lwrs soap" with picture of a comedicly dirty qaur kit basicly thngs i can paste posters to the side of biuldings im makeing and such
Here is link to whole thread: That was enough for me to spend some time using Photoshop. After a few hours, this is what i came up with;

I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to download, print and attach these to your wargaming terrain. If you do, please post photos, I would love to see them. Note: Most of these are "Derivative Works", which means they are based on other artwork or images.


  1. Thanks LF. I thought you would like these. As you are one of the biggest Quar fans I have come across on the web. Again, thanks.

  2. Very nice G2...quite clever and I'm sure they were fun to make.