Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paint Tips - Paint Additivies - Windex

I have started using windex as a paint addititive, primarily to thin my paint, especially to use it as a wash and also as a glaze/juice. I really like what windex does to the paint, and with my style of painting many thin layers, as opposed to one (or two) thicker coats, I find the windex is a great additive.

Here are a couple of pointers
  • I dillute my windex with water, in about 1:3 ratio. That is, 1 part Windex and 3 parts water.
  • The blue tint of the windex does not effect the tint of the paint.
  • Windex has been used by air-brush users for years. So it is not a "new fad".
I will post some photos of minis, painted with paint thinned with Windex, shortly.


  1. Very interesting...I guess I would have to stop licking my brushes if I did this eh? :)

    1. Ha ha ha, I guess you would have to. Luckily I never got into the habit of licking brushes. But the way you paint, you don't need Windex. :)