Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tools of the Trade - Introduction

All jobs require tools. And for our hobby of painting miniature men, we have very specific tools. The obvious ones, are paints and paint brushes, but there are other tools as well. Everyone has their favourites, and not everyone uses the same kind of tools. I have been sourcing and collecting useful items (tools) for my painting table, since I started this hobby. I now have a very comfortable set-up, and I believe having such a comfortable set-up, makes this hobby more enjoyable. There is nothing more frustrating than not have the right tool for the job. I would like to start a series called "Tools of the Trade" on my blog, which looks at all the tools and items I have accumulated over the years that helps me with my hobby. I am not saying that everyone needs to go out and purchase these items, but it may be useful for people to see what I have and what I use.

A very important rule that I follow, is to try to acquire my tools as cheaply as possible, while still maintaining a high quality item. I grew up with a father who was a cabinet maker, and I used to watch him work. I quickly learned that there is no substitute for a good quality tool, so I try to avoid purchasing sub-standard tools. Having said that, I still like to source them as cheap as possible.

The types of tools I plan on covering in this series are; Paint Brushes, Paint Brush Cleaners, Paint Additives, Wet Palette, Dry Palette, Wash Tray, Water Containers, Model Scrapper, Exacto Knife, Medical Scalpels, Dental Picks, Model/Jewellers files, Clippers, Scissors, Pliers, Rulers, Cutting Matts, a Variety of Storage Containers, Drying Racks, Paint Racks, Lighting and more...

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