Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stripes on my pants

I remember back in the 80s, there was a trend to paint stripes on minis which appeared to be wearing tight fitting pants (I dare not call them leggings). And even though this method gave a visually interesting effect to a plain and boring surface, I personally did not dare to attempt at painting such straight lines at evenly spaced increments. I held this fear until a few months ago, when I finally attempted my first stripes. I knew how to do it technically, but had zero experience at it. Anyway here is my first attempt at stripes on leggings.

Note: In case anyone is wondering the pig is from 'Fantasy Warlord miniatures' made by Alternative Armies, back in the early 90s.


  1. Nice! yes, that style brings back memories. I actually noticed and remembered the pig right off. A friend had an orc army and I bought him a set of those pigs for him for his birthday- he converted some orc infantry to ride them- easy enough since they're pretty bow-legged, and he loved the look of that unit- very fun farm pigs of war!

  2. Hey those look like nice straigh stripes to me...good work!


  3. Awesome work, George. A classic paintjob on a classic miniatures = WIN :-)

    Cheers, Clam

  4. Those pigs were mounted by goblins. Very nice painted one!