Friday, May 10, 2013

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

My first minis I ever painted were the Citadel Dwarfs from the mid to late 80s, and even though I collected a few blisters of Imperial Dwarfs (I'll post photos of my early work, sometime soon), I never had enough funds to aquire a whole army. One of my desires was to own Bugman's Dwarf Rangers. In my mind it was a "must have" unit for my Dwarf army. Now, it is some 25 years later and I have just received the last few minis to make up my own Bugman's Dwarf Rangers.

These have taken about 2-3 years to collect. They have come from various sources. I am now ready to get them preped for painting. Some paint stripping, some undercoating and I am ready to paint my childhood (teenagehood) dream of a unit of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers.

I know, I am missing the musician, and I have find shields for them, but I am farily happy with my little unit. Here they are in their current state. I plan on posting more photos of these guys as I start painting them.


  1. A truly classic regiment. I have one that I painted back in the day...I hope to get around to fixing it up someday! I can't wait to see these guy get the "G2 treatment"!

    1. I can't wait to start painting these guys.

  2. These was my first set of fantasy miniatures, so will be rather nostalgic seeing them brought back to life :)